Our Rooms

Each of our rooms features a fully-immersive, tactile experience that transports you to our enriching story world and tells a chapter in the Tillman saga. From investigating the unorthodox experiments of Dr. Paul Tillman in The Asylum to exposing the true identity of The Ringmaster at the Tillman Brothers' Carnival to racing the sands of time and beating Dr. Arthur Tillman to the find of the century in The Dig to a culmination of truths and answers when breaking into the Tillman Archive, you and your team are always being watched and hunted by the notorious Tillman family. In each story, you are also introduced to the Sneed and Harding families, both playing integral roles in exploring and understanding the intricate story world that unfolds around you.


The Asylum   

Dare to face the spirits of the abandoned Asylum? The lights have been long turned off, and tonight you and your paranormal team are about to enter The Asylum for the first time since it closed its doors over forty years ago. Rumored to be the home to many restless spirits, you are here trying to contact the spirit of Victoria Sneed, a patient who was unjustly admitted by her father. You have to move quickly as you navigate the darkened halls, for you only have one hour to find evidence of patient Victoria’s unjust admittance and Dr. Tillman’s unsavory activity, and escape before the spirits obtain enough energy to materialize and trap you within the walls of The Asylum forever. You are now entering their world.


The Ringmaster

Dare to face the twisted lair of the nefarious Ringmaster? It’s Halloween night, and you and your friends have decided to visit the travelling Tillman Brothers’ Carnival to gaze upon the unbelievable, the unthinkable, and the unknowable at the morbid Freak Show. While you are enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells of the carnival, the Ringmaster approaches you and invites you to the best seats in the house. Upon entering his gypsy cart, he bashes you over the head, knocking you unconcious. When you wake up, you realize the door is locked and are now trapped in a game 0f cat-and-mouse puppeteered by the Ringmaster himself. This Ringmaster doesn’t find his freaks - he makes them! The time on the clock reads 9:00 pm, and you have one hour before he returns from his show in the main circus tent. You must now put your fears aside and work together as a team to escape before the show ends and the Ringmaster returns for you. Find his true identity and put a stop to his madness!


The Dig 

Dare to face the sandstorm in the Dig of the century? Your colleague, archaeologist Dr. Eleanor Harding, has uncovered the fossilized remains of a new dinosaur species in her dig site located in the heart of the northern Sahara Desert. She has contacted you and your team of paleontologists from London to help stake claim to this find of the century. Upon arriving at her campsite, your team finds it abandoned because Dr. Harding was forced to evacuate from the path of a massive sandstorm that came through overnight. She is bunkered down in a safe refuge, but the secret location of the dig site was compromised when she radioed for help. Her longtime nemesis, Dr. Arthur Tillman, intercepted the transmission and his team is on the way to unjustly steal this once-in-a-lifetime find! Satellite images of the area show that Dr. Tillman and his team are only one hour away from the dig site. You must now use the clues that Dr. Harding left behind for you, find the dinosaur fossils, and escape from the African desert before you competition arrives and claims the find of the century for himself!