The Archive

As the steam rises from the sewer grates throughout New York City, it’s easy to forget that beneath this busy city lay an eerily-quiet underground labyrinth. The sewer system serves as a subterranean passageway that connects one part of the city to another, and is the center of many stories and urban legends. From the resident mole people to mutant reptiles to oversized alligators, there are many accounts of what truly lies beneath.

Over the past two years, there have been a slew of disappearances surrounding Central Park, the lungs of the city. Rumors of an underground Archive of some sort, believed to be the headquarters of the notorious Tillman family, are beginning to turn from myth to reality. Many urban explorers have searched these underground waterways with hopes of one day discovering the secrets that can only be heard as echoes in the darkness.

Recently, a group of explorers that went in search of the rumored Tillman Archive went missing. Their last communications, along with their last known coordinates that pinged from their phones, made their way to the urban explorers forums. 40.7982°N; 73.9525°W. The NYPD has issued warnings around the city that access to any of these underground passages is strictly prohibited, and that all trespassers will be arrested immediately.

While the police continue conducting their own investigations, a network of urban explorers who are determined to dig into the truth is quietly compiling their own research to uncover this hidden lair. Although urban exploration is a team venture, being the first team to locate the Archive and reveal its mysteries will be able to stake claim to victory. Be warned, however, because no one knows what truly lurks in the confines of this underground labyrinth. Be brave, but also be quick. These entrances only stay dry for 90 minutes, before the waters fill the chambers, leading to a watery grave.

Do you dare to follow these coordinates and be the first group of urban explorers to make it out with the deepest, darkest secrets of the Tillman Family? Do you dare to face the unknown and expose these secrets, with the ultimate risk of being trapped underground and becoming part of the secret that might be buried forever?