team building

Is your company looking for an exciting and fun way to foster team work among your employees?  This is the perfect experience to make a usually boring task more exciting.  Playing an escape game encourages communication, thinking outside the box, problem solving and working efficiently.  A long lasting benefit from playing the game is the unique bonding experience between team members. When people have fun together, they are more inclined to bring the positive attitude to the office the next day.


Are you a Scout leader, youth group leader, teacher, or anyone else who works with kids?  Are you looking for a way to expand their social interaction?  This would be an exciting and fun way to do it!  Teaching kids to communicate in the age of technology is becoming increasingly more difficult.  There is no better way to hold the attention of kids (and adults) than by engaging them with puzzles and mental challenges.


Our games fill up quickly.  If you have a specific date in mind, please don't hesitate to make your reservation as soon as possible.


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