The Ringmaster

Traveling across the United States, the Tillman Brothers’ Carnival has arrived in the small town of Walton, Florida. Word spreads quickly of this mysterious Ringmaster that has traveled the country with his wide array of freaks, geeks, and misfits. The allure of this traveling freak show begins to draw lots of attention and attracts people of all ages so they can gaze upon the unbelievable, the unthinkable, and the unknown.

It’s Saturday, October 31, 1992, Halloween night, a perfect night to attend the opening of the Freak Show. You and a group of friends decide to head out for an unforgettable night filled with fun, food, and freaks. The fall night air is crisp and dark, only illuminated with neon lights of the carnival. The sounds of the attractions ring heavy with the smells of the cotton candy and popcorn lingering around every corner. The exhilarating screams of the carnival goers can be heard from blocks away as everyone seems to be enjoying their evening. But, those won’t be the only screams heard at the carnival tonight.

As you are standing in line for the Freak Show, an elusive figure wearing a top hat and a red jacket approaches you and your friends. He waves his wooden cane at you, beckoning you to follow him to the best seats in the house because you have been chosen as the lucky ones. Thrilled with this opportunity, you and your friends follow the Ringmaster into a side entrance to the main tent where he welcomes you into his personal dressing room. The musky room is covered in red and is illuminated with marquee lights and a small lamp. It’s quite dark, but there is enough light for you to see photos of grotesque freaks on the walls. You ask the Ringmaster about what you see, but the last thing you see is his scarred face before he hits you over the head with his wooden cane. In the background, as you are fading away, you can hear a cynical voice in the distance saying, “Welcome to my Carnival, where the lucky ones become part of the show!”

When you wake up, you glance at each other and make your way to the door, only to find it locked. Panic begins to set in as you realize that you have been caught by the elusive, mysterious Ringmaster who plans to turn you into his newest freaks for his traveling show. It has become clear now that the Ringmaster doesn’t find his freaks, he makes them.


You notice a clock on the wall and see the time is 9:00 pm, and you know the Ringmaster has an hour-long show in the main circus tent. You must now put your fears aside and work together as a team to escape before the show ends and the Ringmaster returns for you. Find his true identity and put a stop to his madness!