The year was 1940. Although women have made strides in gaining representation under the law, it remains easy to have them committed to an insane asylum. Victoria Sneed knows this all too well. Her father, the very wealthy Captain Sneed, who made his fortune from the opiate trade, has recently had his 22 year-old daughter committed to Dr. Paul Tillman’s Pleasant Home for the Insane. Victoria’s diagnosis is hysteria, a common “ailment” of women who questioned authority, challenged misogyny, or wanted a career. In Victoria’s case, she threatened to go to the authorities to report her father’s unsavory activities. Dr. Tillman, who was always seeking outside funding to further his “scientific” experiments, was not only aware of the Captain’s fortune, but was happy to relieve him of $1 million to silence the hysterical Victoria. Dr. Tillman enthusiastically suggested performing a lobotomy.

The good doctor has a penchant for torture. Hiding behind a facade of curing his patients, rumor has it that some of his experiments include ice baths, electroshock therapy, bloodletting, hanging people upside down for hours, and a variety of other gruesome tactics far too disturbing to mention. His success rate is bleak and the death toll is on the rise.

By the time the Pleasant Home for the Insane closed in 1967, there were many reports of strange, unexplained noises in the hallways, screams in the night, locked doors opening mysteriously, and sightings of malicious entities roaming the grounds. The lights have been long turned off, and tonight you and your paranormal team are about to enter The Asylum for the first time since it closed its doors over forty years ago. You are there to conduct an investigation in the very same room of patient Victoria Sneed to determine her fate.

You head inside and make your way down the dark hallway towards the room. As you walk, you can feel the heaviness of energy surrounding you, making it hard to breathe. You finally reach Victoria’s room and head inside. As you and your team are investigating Victoria’s abandoned room in hopes to make contact with her, the door slams shut and locks you in from the outside. Unstable in life and unstable in death, the spirits here are angry and restless and you are now entering their world.


You have one hour to find evidence of Victoria’s unjust admittance and get out before the malevolent spirits obtain enough energy to materialize and trap you within the walls of the The Asylum forever.