BRIEFING: It seems as though our troubles with the Harding’s are far from over. Following her death, as word began to spread, a team of researchers and experts have pledged to continue her work in efforts to stop our progress made in The Tillman Society. Our philanthropic work and study on the human brain and body has continued to elevate the our practices, sure the methods may be… unconventional, but it’s far too late to halt our progress now.

Because of her death, The Harding Initiative has formed and we’ve received Intel that they are working in secret to transport new evidence of our “practices” to their own headquarters in efforts to shut us down. As the newest society member, it is your job to gather your team and track down this evidence before it’s too late.

Retrieve the cache boxes and return them to the Archive for a reward. As our team works hard on discovering their coordinates, you gather your team and we’ll be in touch soon.

- Arthur Tillman