The Dig: 4-5 players


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In the heart of the Northern Sahara Desert, famed archaeologist Dr. Eleanor Harding quickly discovered her dig site held more than artifacts of the past. As she dusted away the sand in the peak of the afternoon sun, she saw the gleam of an ivory bone staring back at her. By nightfall, she had exposed the full skeleton of a dinosaur that she had not ever seen before. Realizing she might be on the brink of uncovering a new species of dinosaur, she contacted you and your team of elite paleontologists to come and assist. You hastily take the first flight out of London knowing this find may be ground breaking. However, as you and your team land your Cessna in the desert, you discover an urgent radio transmission was sent out overnight by Dr. Harding. The transmission was heard as the following:


<Inaudible> the storm has picked up <Inaudible> we are leaving and seeking refuge at nearby <Inaudible> hurry before it’s too late <inaudible>Tillman knows about the find.


She and her team had to seek refuge from a sand storm, and in doing so, exposed her coordinates to her competitors, one of which is led by the notorious paleontologist Dr. Arthur Tillman, known for unjustly staking claim to digs that aren’t his. Satellite images of the area show that Dr. Tillman’s team is only an hour away from the dig site. You must now race to Dr. Harding’s campsite, uncover the clues in her pit, and bring forth the discovery before Dr. Arthur Tillman and his team arrive to stake claim of this historic find.





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