Up to 6-8 players

Dare to enter the domain of the elusive Ringmaster and his Freak Show? It is Halloween night, and you and your friends are enjoying the sights and sounds of the traveling Tillman Brothers’ Carnival, which is known for its twisted Freak Show and its mysterious Ringmaster. Intrigued by the macabre, you are amongst the first in line for the nightly freak show, featuring the unbelievable, the unthinkable, and the unknown. The Ringmaster approaches you in line and invites you to have the best seats in the house. As the lucky ones, you and your friends follow him to his dressing room. As you step inside and turn around, the last thing you remember seeing is the Ringmaster’s scarred face before he hits you with his cane. In the background, you hear his cynical voice: “Welcome to my carnival, where the lucky ones become part of the show!” When you awaken, you realize that this Ringmaster doesn’t find his freaks, he makes them. You find the door locked and know that you only have one hour before he returns from his Freak Show in order to escape the grasps of the morbid Ringmaster.Full Story

Up to 6-8 players

Dare to face the malicious spirits of the abandoned Asylum! The lights have been long turned off, and tonight you and your paranormal team are about to enter The Asylum for the first time since it closed its doors over forty years ago. Rumored to be home to many restless spirits, you are here trying to contact he spirit of Victoria Sneed, a patient who was unjustly admitted by her father after threatening to expose his unsavory activities. He had her put under the care of Dr. Paul Tillman, who had a penchant for torture. It is rumored that Dr. Tillman had a secret laboratory where he conducted the most morbid experiments on his patients, so it is said he had no problem silencing Victoria by way of lobotomy. As you and your team are investigating Victoria’s abandoned room in hopes to make contact with her, the door slams shut and locks you in from the outside. Unstable in life and unstable in death, the spirits here are angry and restless, and you are now entering their world. You have to move quickly because you only have one hour to find evidence of Victoria’s unjust admittance to The Asylum and find a way out before the spirits trap you within the walls of The Asylum forever.

Full Story

Up to 4-5 players

Dare to grab your tools and your pith helmet, and start The Dig? You and your team of elite paleontologists have been called to an archaeological dig site by the famed Dr. Eleanor Harding. Deep in the Sahara Desert, she was working on uncovering new artifacts when she came across the skeletal remains of an unknown dinosaur species. However, a vicious sandstorm passed through the dig site, causing Dr. Harding and her team to evacuate. She was able to secure some of the bones for you before the skeleton became engulfed by the sand. Her last transmission that was received by your team indicates that the notorious Dr. Arthur Tillman, who unjustly steals the finds of others, overheard the coordinates of the dig site. Intelligence has informed you that he is on his way to the desert to beat you to this historic find. You have only one hour to enter Dr. Harding’s tent and unravel the clues to find the dinosaur bones she secured for you before the infamous Dr. Tillman arrives and steals the find of the century.Full Story

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